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Here is the report card of Albert Einstein which proves he was excellent in mathematics

SNS | New Delhi |

Albert Einstein is hailed as the greatest scientist of the modern times; his surname is today synonymous of IQ. The general theory of relativity – his greatest achievement – has shaped the modern world’s understanding of the universe.

Yet many keep asking the same question over and over again: Was Albert Einstein really poor in Mathematics? Many who are themselves poor in mathematics cite him as an example of how the subject of numbers has got nothing to do with intellect or greatness.

It is something which has intrigued many over the years. Even though historians and informed class have in the past answered that the question has no merit, they nevertheless refuse to die – from social media feeds, especially.

So on the morning of 26 March, Monday, the official Twitter handle of the Nobel Prize posted a special photograph along with a portrait of a young Einstein.

The photograph shows the German-born genius’ report card from the Argovian cantonal school (gymnasium) in Aarau, Switzerland, which he attended from 1895 to 1896.

The report card, dated 3 October 1896 shows the grades obtained by Einstein in various subjects related to mathematics studied at the time.

According to the report card, Einstein scored 6 in Algebra, Geometry, Darstellende geometrie (descriptive geometry) and Physics. He also scored 5 in Chemistry. In fact, he scored 6 in Geschichte (History) as well.


Albert Einstein Report Card
(Photo: Twitter/@NobelPrize)

The numbers 7 to 11 mention the science subjects and number 5 mentions history.

According to Nobel Prize committee, the “certificate of maturity was issued to Einstein at the age of 17”.

“In the scoring, six = highest, 1 = lowest grade. The photo was taken the very same day he received his grades in 1896,” wrote the committee.


So there it is! Albert Einstein was not “good”, he was excellent in mathematics. Perhaps this will silence all the conspiracy theorists.