Calcutta University (CU) is planning to do away with the home centre concept for affiliated colleges in post graduation level, from this academic year. The university will be conducting the examination with uniformity in the question paper, answer script evaluation and prepare the syllabus of post-graduate courses for all the 39 affiliated colleges to bring parity in the evaluation process.

“Earlier, a CU student scored 50 per cent while his batchmate in an affiliated college scored 70 per cent, though the former is academically better. This has raised several questions in the evaluation procedure followed in the affiliated colleges,” said a senior official of CU.

The first semester in the new format will be conducted by Calcutta University for all the PG students between 2 and 22 January. The examination date will be decided by the PG board. The conduct of the examination for the university students as well as affiliated college students will be on the same day.

Vice-chancellor of CU Sonali Chakravarti Banerjee today, after a meeting with all departmental heads, said: “We want uniformity in the syllabus, evaluation process and question papers for all students of CU and its affiliated colleges.”

The University has set up PG board of studies which will include members that represent five colleges according to the year of PG introduced in the respective subjects with the head of the departments of the subjects from the university as well as other faculty members. The board will decide the three members who prepare the question paper and will send it to the controller of examination.

In the practical examination, external invigilators will be present. There are 39 affiliated colleges under Calcutta University where students can opt for a total of 28 subjects in PG level.