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Teacher shortage affects studies at Hooghly school

Most of the rural schools are now facing teaching staff shortage, affecting studies of the enrolled there

Statesman News Service | Hooghly |

Lack of teachers has badly affected the Nakunda JuniorGirls’ High School in Goghat.

The Utsashree scheme has badly affected the rural schools mostly in the panchayat areas, taking the advantage of the scheme, many teachers working in rural areas have taken transfer to schools located near their residential town.

As a result, most of the rural schools are now facing teaching staff shortage, affecting studies of the enrolled there.

The Nakunda JuniorGirls’ High School has Classes from V to VIII and there is no head mistress.

There are only three teachers, who, besides taking classes, also have to shoulder the responsibility of mid-day meals. One of the teachers has to spend most of her time in maintaining the official formalities, preparing an up to date record and submitting them to the concerned education department.

One of the teachers said, “Taking advantage of the Utsashree scheme, some of the teachers have taken transfers to other schools. At present, there are only three teachers. We need Bengali, maths, life science, physical science teachers.

The students are the most sufferers since most of the classes go empty.

However, at the initiative taken by the parents and local population, teachers from the nearby Nakunda Katyayani High School, on part-time basis, are temporarily taking classes.

“Our repeated requests to the education department to provide the required teachers still have been not heeded to. At present, there are 127 students from Class V to Class VIII but no permanent teacher to take their classes.”

One of the parents and local residents of Nakunda village said, “The Kanyashree and Sabuj Sathi schemes have really benefitted the girl students. Now, most of the village girls go to school but the Utsashree scheme has badly affected the studies of the students.

We approached the headmaster of a nearby school and requested him to send some teachers to take the classes on a temporary basis. Headmaster Ram Mohan Bhattacharya readily responded to our pleas.

We, the parents of the affected students, jointly urge the education department to promptly provide the required teachers to prevent the closure of a Girls Junior High School in Nakunda village.”