State government is setting up a chain of shops for selling agricultural and poultry products from its own farms. The Comprehensive Area Development Corporation (CADC) has opened a first such store at Mrittika Bhawan in Salt Lake recently. Among the products available are eggs, meat of chicken, koel, turkey, duck and black Bengal goat.

The agricultural products that are available are lettuce, strawberry, dragon fruit, rice and pulses. “To make the products attractive for buyers, the price of products that are being sold from such shop is at par or even below the market rates,” said an official. The state-owned farms in Haringhata in Nadia and Ayodhya Hills in Purulia are setting up facilities for packaging the meat of the animals, including country goats and black Bengal goat that are raised here.

Along with this, a state-ofthe- art abattoir is coming up in Purulia. Bee culture for making honey is also in the works. Functioning under the state panchayats and rural development department, the CADC plans to set up mobile shops in future. The WBCADC focuses on area based rural development through increased agricultural and allied production ensuring maximum benefit of such production to the cultivators. It is primarily engaged in the development of the primary sectors of the economy namely agriculture, fishery and animal resource development.