The rumours surrounding the future political strategy of Trinamul Congress leader Suvendu Adhikari today gained more substance with his political rally at Nandigram where he took a dig at the party by organizing simultaneous rally to mark Nandigram Diwas.

Adhikari, one of the main architects of Nandigram anti-land acquisition movement, held a mass rally under the banner ‘Bhumi Uchhed Pratirodh Committee’ (BUPC) to pay respects to the martyrs, who died on this day in 2007 during the movement. The Trinamul leader Firhad Hakim too held a rally at Nandigram today. Suvendu said, “Few people are visiting the area after 13 years as the assembly elections are approaching.”

He added, “Nandigram movement was a spontaneous mass movement and was not of any particular individual. I have been with the people of Nandigram and used to come alone those days to stand by the people. I have never used this BUPC platform politically.”

Adhikari said, “After 13 years, those that are now visiting Nandigram before the polls, I want to tell them they need to come after elections too”.

For the last few months, Adhikari is maintaining distance with the party and its leaderships and todays’ rally gathered the attention of the political experts as many thought that Adhikari would finally break silence about his estranged relations with TMC.

Adhikari, however, clearly mentioned, “I know the media is waiting to know what I have in mind. Yes, I’ll speak. Where did I stumble in politics, where is my path filled with obstructions, where do I lack comfort. I’ll speak about everything. But not today. Not from this apolitical BUPC platform.”

He concluded by saying was “Jay Bharat Mata”, which has triggered a fresh speculation among political experts as to whether he would jump to the saffron camp. There were three rallies to mark Nandigram Diwas today. The second rally was held under the banner of Trinamul Congress where TMC leader Firhad Hakim addressed a rally and the third one was arranged by Suvendu’s brother Dibyendu to ‘counter Hakim’.Speaking at the rally, Firhad said, “Nandigram movement was held under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee. No one can deny it.”