Eastern Command general officer commanding-in-chief Lt-Gen. Anil Chauhan today said that violence is “drastically” reducing in the insurgency prone northeastern states while the Army is focusing on operational preparedness and training in fighting technologically intensive conflicts.

Addressing the Press at Fort William, on the occasion of Army Day, Lt-Gen. Chauhan, said: “The security situation in the insurgency prone states are at present, stable. All parameters of violence have drastically gone down. Keeping the improved security situation in view, the Indian Army has decided to withdraw some troops from the active counter insurgency grids and moved them to the barracks.”

He added, “Our focus, at present, is maintaining a high degree of operational preparedness and training our soldiers to fight in technologically intensive conflicts.” It may be mentioned that the Army commander had recently visited the North- Eastern states of Assam and Manipur to review operational preparedness and security situation. He had visited the field formations and forward areas of Assam Rifles and Indian Army.

He also met the governor of Manipur to discuss security situation. Asked how the concept of Integrated Battle Groups (IBG) will be incorporated in the Eastern Command, Lt. Gen. Chauhan said,“The IBGs are formations which can be easily deployed and will be capable of performing certain specific tasks. The structure of the Indian Army was mostly based on the British Army.

They were organised to fight long time wars in distant lands. The Indian Army was reorganised in the 80s where the infantry division was transformed into rapid divisions. At present, to meet the current challenges in the border areas, we are reorganising ourselves into IBGs. We have carried out some exercises to validate this concept.”

Meanwhile, a guided heritage tour of Fort William was conducted today. Lt-Gen. Chauhan said: “We have opened up selected areas inside the Fort William for civilians. Organised and guided heritage tours will be conducted on Sundays. Earlier, we had opened the gates to civilians who want to visit the ‘Vijay Diwas’ war memorial to pay homage to the martyrs.