Local people looted packets of onions from a Sufol Bangla stall in Bolpur. Packets of onions were being sold at Rs.59 per kilogram from the stall. There has been a mad rush to purchase onions at the government stipulated price in the Sufol Bangla Stall. Initially, the employees were selling packets of one kilograms to each person, but later due to long queue they started selling 500 grams of onions per customer.

This irked the people standing for a long period and they allegedly manhandled the staff and looted the packets. Sufol Bangla sources said that about one quintal and twenty kilograms of onions were kept at the stall in Bolpur. Mr.Goutam Mukherjee, a Sufol Bangla official said that for safety and security of its employees police protections have been sought. In the open market onions are being sold at Rs.140 per kilogram. Suful Bangla Bolpur sources said that approximately twenty to twenty-five kilograms of onions have been looted.