Onion prices, in spite of ample supply of the vegetable, continue to soar in some city markets. Onions continued to be sold at rupees 120 per kg in some markets of South Kolkata. The best variety even touched rupees 140 a kilo in some retail markets of Kidderpore, Jadubabu Bazar, Lansdown and Gariahat today, while the price at Lake Market was found to be Rs 80 per kg.

The price of the pink vegetable in smaller local markets continues to remain around rupees 120 to 140 per kg. According to one of the members of the Posta Bazar Merchants’ Association, the fresh harvest from Nasik has already hit the city’s wholesale markets in ample quantity. Around 40 trucks have already reached various wholesale markets of Posta, Dhulagarh, Kharagpur, Shayam Bazar, Dum Dum and Sealdah. Posta alone has received around 20 trucks today from Nasik, Warangal and other places down south.

The onion merchants are expecting more supply in the forthcoming days. Additionally, 1000 tonnes of onions from Turkey have also arrived at the city’s wholesale markets. The Turkish variety has been brought to the city by the central government agencies. The stock of the pink vegetable from Turkey, despite being available at cheaper rates than the Nasik variety, is not being much liked by the vendors and consumers due to its huge size.

The onions from the country which is also famous for its fine textiles are generally more than 400 gm in weight individually, while there are varieties that weigh even more than a kg.