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NGO commemorates Rodda arms robbery centenary

Statesman News Service |

statesman news service
Kolkata, 26 August
Writers’ Buildings chose to ignore but an NGO commemorated the centenary  of Rodda arms robbery by garlanding the statues of  four revolutionaries who participated in the incident.
Mr Samir Dutta, son of Haridas Dutta who was imprisoned for four years in connection with the incident garlanded the statues of four revolutionaries Anukul Mukherjee, Girindranath Banerjee,  Bipin Behari Ganguly and Hridas Dutta installed on Ganesh Avenue.
Reading a report on The Statesman that came out in its edition on 25 August about the centenary of Rodda, members of The Refugees , an NGO in central Kolkata organised a programme to pay respect to the revolutionaries.
A plaque narrating the incident would be installed beside the statue of Bipin Behari Ganguly on Amherst Street. It will be installed jointly by The Refugees and Santosh Mitra Square Durga Puja Committee. 
School children along with some residents and old councillors took part in a rally. Patriotic songs were sung and the statues were garlanded.