As rumours about him joining BJP spread like a wildfire, Tollywood actor Rudranil Ghosh has asked if only “Hindus have to take responsibility for maintaining secularism” and explained why Muslims can no longer be called minority.

Ghosh, who was known to be a vocal supporter of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) and served at several positions in Mamata Banerjee’s administration, has started expressing his disenchantment with the West Bengal’s governing party.

While he hasn’t yet spoken directly against Mamata Banerjee, in his latest interview to Bengali daily Anandabazar Patrika, the actor was seen supporting BJP’s narrative on several issues.

Speaking about the debate on secularism in India, Ghosh invoked the condition of minority in neighbouring nations and supported the contentious CAA, much like what the saffron party has been doing.

“In India do only Hindus have to take responsibility of maintaining secularism? We follow this as if it’s written somewhere. I get information from Bangladeshi friends. The way Hindus are tortured there, is it wrong to give them citizenship here? What’s the problem in giving citizenship to minorities of our neighbouring countries?

“The biggest thing is that the Muslims are no more minority in India. They are not limited to five percent anymore. Instead, we can call Jains and Christians as minority,” he said.

Showing his support further to the citizenship act, Ghosh said that the parties opposing it – especially the left ones – were misleading the citizens.

“Till now, I haven’t had any reason to be extremely angry against BJP. But many are talking about CAA, NRC and farm laws. But I haven’t understood CAA an NRC as much as the leftists have.

“They say it will take away someone’s citizenship. But I’ve the sense to understand that they are misleading people. The act is to give citizenship and mark those who don’t have that,” Ghosh, 48, said.