Chief minister Mamata Banerjee today reportedly asked all her MLAs to appoint four workers in their respective constituencies to “bridge the gap ‘’ between the grass-root level workers and state -level leaders. She has asked the MLAs to submit the names of the four dedicated workers of their respective constituencies in closed envelopes at her Kalighat office by 18 July.

Among the four workers who will be selected by the MLAs, two would look after the booth level organisation, one would monitor the social media while another worker would maintain liaison between the booth-level workers and the state-level leaders.

Sources in the party revealed that the party supremo Mamata Banerjee has taken this decision probably after discussion with the poll strategist~ Prashant Kishor.

It is learnt that Kishor held a meeting with the party supremo an hour before her meeting was slated with her party MLAs. After the meeting with the MLAs started, Kishor left the spot with Miss Banerjee’s nephew and MP Abhishek Banerjee.

The decision to appoint four dedicated workers in each constituencies by MLAs was taken as it was felt that there was a communication gap between the chief minister and her grass-root level workers.

“In order to bridge this gap, the party supremo has chalked out this brilliant plan,” said one of the MLAs requesting his anonymity. It is also learnt that the chief minister reportedly asked her MLAs to “behave properly” with the people of their respective constituencies and help them in their need.

She also forbade her MLAs not to get into any altercation or scuffle with the leaders or MLAs of other parties in their respective constituencies and would preferably try to avoid such situation. Miss Banerjee reportedly asked her MLAs not to make “loose talks” and to avoid media.

It is learnt that the party supremo in the meeting apparently said, “Some of you even do not report to me as you do in the Press. From now on stop making comments and don’t go to the Press unless you are authorised to speak to the media.”

She also instructed her MLAs that even if a legislator leaves the country or even state, he or she will have to inform both the government and the party prior leaving the country.

She also reportedly asked her MLAs to face the public and not to avoid them. The MLAs were also instructed to ask for forgiveness if they had committed any wrong doing towards the people. She asked the state backward class development minister Rajib Banerjee to be the observer of Cooch Behar.