Bengal wants “Kaam Kaaj” and not “Ram Raj” was the message conveyed to the people of Nandigram as LeftFront leader Md Salim and the Indian Secular Front’s Abbas Siddiqui today sought to rally for Nandigram CPI-M youth candidate, Minakshi Mukherjee, whose image of “Banglar Meye Minakshi” has been gaining traction, off late.

Minakshi has managed to stir a revolution in the hearts of Nandigram people with her gut-punching rhetoric against opponents. Addressing the crowd, she said it is obvious that TMC and BJP have covered Nandigram with their flags and banners.

“With the amount of wealth that Trinamul accumulated from Saradha scam, Narada bribery case along with other chit fund scams, they can afford such opulence while the BJP has crony businessmen pumping in crores of money. We are but campaigning with money donated by the people. I appeal to Trinamul and BJP party workers to return home to their children and swear on them that they didn’t install those flags for thieves and dacoits who will rob their children’s future tomorrow.”

She assured Nandigram people that once ‘Sanyukta Morcha’ comes to power, “the mothers of comrades like Maidul Middah, who was murdered by the police for marching to Nabanna for jobs, will be given justice. Despite the repeated attack on CPI-M workers in Bengal in the last 10 years, they haven’t been able to defeat the Lal Jhanda (red flag).”

The CPI-M leader Md Salim, gave a clarion call to unite for Kaam Kaj(employment) in Bengal and not Ram Raj. He said “Minakshi is Banglar Meye. We have at least forced the TMC and BJP to switch to jhanda(flags) from dandas(batons). Bengal saw downslide in the last 10 years. Not a single new bridge was constructed while no road was made to connect Haldia with Contai. Not a single factory came up while Mamata has only laid uncountable foundation stones for imaginary projects. To woo minority voters, she even made empty promises of a railway line in Furfura Sharif, 10,000 madrassas, Bhangor Medical College, Garden Reach Nursing College, etc. Morcha govt. will make factories in Bengal.”

“Where is Sonar Bharat that BJP now promises Sonar Bangla? In Jharkhand where BJP had formed government they were chased out by tribals whose rights pertaining to forests were being oppressed. BJP manifesto claims-free education for women but is this new? Former PM Vajpayee had promised it in 1999 but it only remained a false promise,” remarked Salim.

Meanwhile, ISF founder Siddiqui attacked BJP for bringing “outsiders” to fill up rallies. “We have our desi (locals), don’t need videsis(foreigners). No dadagiriwill be allowed in Bengal which needs to put an immediate lockout on ‘Trinamul Congress Factory’ to bring development in the state.”