The Shankarcharya of Puri, Swami Nischalananda Saraswati, today, expressed dissatisfaction over the recent Ayodhya Judgement and said that “if the land is gifted to Muslims, it will encourage terrorism in the name of teaching, training and worshipping at the allotted space.”

The Shankarcharya, during his visit to the Gangasagar Mela, today said that if the land in Ayodhya is given to Muslims, the members of the community from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Arab countries will give it the form of Mecca even if the minority community in India does not want to do so.

“In the name of teaching training and worship, terrorism will be encouraged at the given land. The path has not been cleared for the construction of the temple but for throwing India into the pit of terrorism,” claimed Swami Nischalananda Saraswati.

“The forefathers of Muslims were Hindus and were converted to other religions by encouraging terrorism. If the Muslims accept the land, it will be proved that they are supporters of the people who violate humanity and govern by encouraging terrorism. It will stain the history of Muslims,” he added.

Lambasting the Central government and the Supreme Court, for the Ayodhya judgement, the priest said, “If the Indian government or the Supreme Court gifts the land to the Muslims, they will also prove to be supporters of those who govern by violating humanism and dividing humanity. Tomorrow anyone can claim rights on the land of Somnath Temple and whatever judgement has been given on Ayodhya, will automatically be used for Mathura and Kashi. It will mean that Uttar Pradesh, which is the land of the birth of Lord Rama, three new Pakistans will be created.

Pouring scorns at the verdict, the Shankarcharya of Puri asked, “After independence, several Muslims have been appointed on high ranks as ministers and chief minters in India. Will this big-heartedness of Hindus be proved as their weakness? Have the countries of Arab, Pakistan and Bangladesh shown such bigheartedness for the Hindus? In the name of peace, harmony, big-heartedness and unity, Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura will be given. Will this be called big-heartedness?

Will Hindus not be let to live anywhere despite observing humanism? Even after the partitioned India, Ayodhya and Mathura are being snatched away from us. ? What sort of court is this?” Saraswati further said, “I urge the members of the minority community, that whatever may be the judgement of the apex court or the government, they do not get their names stained and labelled as path followers of a terrorist like ‘Babar.’

It is the responsibility of the Muslim community to declare to the world that, they cannot be supporters of any terrorist who has ruled by violating humanism.” Without openly supporting the National Register of Citizens and Citizenship Amendment Act, the Shankarcharya said, “If any Hindu feels insecure in any Muslim, Christian or any other religion-ruled country, he or she should be sent to India, Nepal and Bhutan, by declaring these countries as Hindu nations. Also, if a Muslim living in a Muslim –ruled country desires to leave his country, he or she should be sent to some other Muslim country with all human rights facilitated to him or her.” He underscored further.

“Many things are due to happen, but first of all, India, Nepal and Bhutan will be declared as Hindu countries. Anyone living within limits of humanity will be allowed to continue to reside here. However, if any Hindu is insulted anywhere in the world, he will get shelter in India, Nepal and Bhutan.