The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) and the Kolkata Port Trust (KoPT) are taking several measures at the ghats in the city, where the Durga idols are being immersed, to prevent any untoward incident. With the Durga Puja coming to an end, the ghats in the city are witnessing large number of people who have been gathering since yesterday for immersing the Durga idols.

The three main ghats ~ Baje Kadamtala Ghat, Judges Ghat and Nimtala Ghat ~ are witnessing long queues with each puja committee waiting for its turn to immerse the idols.

Meanwhile, the last minute rituals are also being performed at specially marked zones within the premises of the ghats. White lines have been drawn to demarcate the zones.

The KMC mayor, Firhad Hakim, went on an inspection drive, on a boat, to review the conditions of the ghats and ensure proper arrangements are in place. Continuous announcements are being made at the ghats, warning people to be careful while immersing the idols in the river Hooghly.

It is being announced that only those persons who are to perform the immersion should go near the water while the rest must wait at the ghats.

Adults are instructed to monitor their children and ensure they don’t go towards the river.

The mayor Firhad Hakim, deputy mayor Atin Ghosh, municipal commissioner Khalil Ahmed, Debashish Kumar, member mayor-incouncil (MMIC), parks and squares department and other KMC officials went on an inspection drive to the ghats before puja.

The KMC team was accompanied by officials of the Kolkata Police. The team had visited Baje Kadamtala Ghat, Nimtala Ghat and Dahi Ghat.

A KMC official said “We carry out a general inspection every year at the ghats where the immersions take place. Preparations are made to avert any untoward incidents. The police also remain present with us during the inspection drives.”

It was learnt that cranes have been deployed by KMC at the big ghats like Nimtala, Judges Ghat and others, to quickly pick up the idol from the water after it has been immersed.

This is done to prevent any pollution in the river water. KMC workers along with disaster management team personnel are present at each of the ghats concerned.

The Kolkata Port Trust (KoPT), meanwhile, has also deployed a large number of personnel at each of the immersion ghats.

A KoPT spokesperson said “We are deploying at least 20-25 KoPT workers at all the three immersion ghats -Judges Ghat, Nimtala Ghat and Baje Kadamtala Ghat. In addition to that, we are providing a floating crane at Baje Kadamtala Ghat.”

The Kolkata Police have also taken up measures for the immersion ceremony since Vijaya Dashami, yesterday.

While police will provide security for the 30-odd Pujas which will participate in Red Road Carnival, others pujas have to immerse their idols within the stipulated time period of three days after Dashami.