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Guv corrupt, named in Jain Hawala case: CM Mamata Banerjee

She alleged Dhankhar’s visit to N Bengal was to intentionally disturb the region.

Statesman News Service | Kolkata |

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today accused Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar of being “corrupt” alleging his involvement in the Jain Hawala case as well as asserting that his recent north Bengal trip was to intentionally disturb the region while reiterating her demand for his removal.

“I have got details that he has involvement in the Jain Hawala case of 1996. Though the matter was first settled in the court, a PIL was filed later and the case is still unresolved. He is a corrupt man. I’m sorry to say this but he is a corruption oriented man. Why has the central government deputed such a man to be the Governor of our state? If the Centre does not know then I will tell them to bring out the charge sheet and see whether his name is there or not. He was charge-sheeted. I have tolerated a lot but did not say anything. Who is he to tell what we will eat, which officer will go where? Why will he dictate an elected government that has won with such a huge mandate? He is dictating both the higher to lower officials, threatening them. Who is he to say such rubbish things? Who does he think he is? He is nothing but a mere governor,” said Miss Banerjee at Nabanna.

Miss Banerjee reiterated that she has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi thrice requesting Dhankhar’s removal.

“Till he is a governor I will meet him, speak to him. It is a courtesy. But I have written three letters for his removal. The Centre should think about this instead of insisting,” she said.

Alleging that Dhankhar’s recent visit to north Bengal was an intentional move to disturb the region, Miss Banerjee said the former met people who believe in ‘divide and rule’.

“Why did he go to north Bengal? How many people did he take with him? Today a new team went there. Dhankhar met the MP and MLAs of BJP. I know that some people have been asked to create a movement on the issue. This is not the work of a governor. There are some responsibilities and duties for the governor. I have never seen such a governor in my life,” Miss Banerjee said, pointing out that before going to north Bengal Dhankhar went to Delhi.

“Why did he go to Gurgaon?” she asked BJP MP John Barla, who had recently demanded a separate state or Union Territory in north Bengal, met Dhankhar during the latter’s visit to the region. Slamming the Centre for sending the National Human Rights Commission, Miss Banerjee assured full cooperation to the latter provided they worked impartially.

“Is this the way Centre should function? Sometimes they are sending the governor or the National Human Rights Commission or the tribal commission or the minority commission. Even they are not keeping in mind the restrictions of the pandemic situation. Why no action is not being taken against the Uttar Pradesh CM for the unrecorded dead bodies that were floated in the river or in Gujarat where vaccines were distributed from the party offices? Why are they only obstructing and abusing Bengal? What wrong have we done? Everybody saw how they organised the election by capturing the government. It was a party oriented election. But after poll results they should have accepted the verdict. Instead, they are sending the governor, ED and what not to disturb us. Isn’t it a shame that we are not allowed in other countries for non vaccination. What are they doing except capturing polls, playing dirty games through social media? I’m worried for my country,” she said.