A Delhi-based couple, who provides free 24/7 ambulance service in metropolitan cities, have now set their eyes on Kolkata to launch their humanitarian facility.

The couple is to meet chief minister Mamata Banerjee and mayor Firhad Hakim, to discuss the matter. Himangshu Kalia, widely known as ‘The Ambulance Man of India’ and his significant other, Twinkle Kalia, the first female ambulance driver of India, have a bank of 4.5 lakh people, who have registered for voluntary blood donation and other healthcare assistance across the country.

Mr Kalia said, “We are successfully providing the service in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad,Jaipur, Haryana, Punjab and Dehradun, and now we are bringing this service to Kolkata. We run our services with our own funds and are always seeking help both from government and charitable sources to help us expand further. We will meet the chief minister, the health minister and the mayor of Kolkata in February 2020 in this connection.”