The platform screen doors on the first phase of the EastWest Metro continue to trouble the authorities even after the initial phase of the city’s second metro line has become operational.

The platform screen doors (PSDs) are an integral part of the recently inaugurated Metro and have been installed to prevent suicide attempts. Apart from this, the screen doors also omit the need of a safety corridors for keeping passengers at a safe distance from the rakes. The PSDs have been one of the highlights of the hi-tech Metro system on the East-West line.

However, since the days of trial runs the PSDs in the six stations have been a worrisome technology for the metro authorities. From the first round of trial runs conducted in the month of August till the third round carried in October last year, the PSDs in the elevated stretch have been a cause of concern for Metro engineers in particular. The trouble with the PSDs not opening at the right time after the arrival of the train continues more than 10 days after the start of its commercial run.

In the last few days, many of the PSDs have refused to open at the designated time after the train arrived at the station. Yesterday such snags in the PSDs were reported at Karunamoyee and Sector V stations. According to Metro railway officials, the teething problems in the PSDs are because the system is very new to the team.

“The team responsible for handling the technology is new to the system,” claimed an official. “Although they have been rigorously trained, after final commissioning, some areas might need a brush up. We are therefore, considering organising a workshop or a counselling session for about twenty to twenty five officials this week. The session is expected to take place on Friday including officials of the traffic, electrical and signalling systems,” he added.

Meanwhile, the general manager of Metro railway Mr Manoj Joshi visited Phool Bagan Metro Station today to take a note of the preparedness before the inspection by the commissioner of railway safety. According to sources, the Metro railway officials have submitted the required documents to the CRS yesterday. The documents will be scrutinised by the CRS and then a date for inspection will be given.