A patient required blood and the physician had prescribed immediate blood transfusion but the Blood Bank of the Burdwan Medical College & Hospital didn’t have blood units in reserve, prompting a doctor to donate his own blood to save the life of the patient. The Radharani Block of the BMCH saw the rare scene as Dr Niladri Kumar, a Post Graduate student with the Medical College lay on a bed adjacent to the patient Soma Burman and donating his blood.

Soma – a resident of Rupnarayanpur in Burdwan (West) was taken to the BMCH by her father Badal Biswas last week where doctors diagnosed infection in her kidney and pancreas.She was admitted in the Radharani Ward of the hospital. The doctors ascertained that Soma’s hemoglobin level had dropped to 5.2 level which had turned her anemic.

Badal Biswas: “The physicians asked us to immediately arrange O+ blood and I rushed to the Blood Bank but they pleaded helplessness as there was no reserve unit and I intimated this to Dr Niladri.” Dr Niladri volunteered to donate blood for Soma. He said: “I felt it was my moral responsibility and so I made no delay. My profession taught me to do so. We don’t serve the patients just for money and I want the people to understand this.”