The state transport department has rejected the private bus operators’ proposal for a hike in the fare chart while deciding to further expand bus services along 15 operational routes from tomorrow. The decision comes after the private bus operators submitted a proposal in which the minimum fare was Rs 20.

However, rejecting the proposal of a hike in the fare chart, state transport minister, Mr Suvendu Adhikari said, “We are planning to extend the government bus services on important routes of the city. The frequency of the state-run buses will also be increased. In addition, we have also proposed to resume operation of single-bogie trams and waterways. The same will be applicable for the district transport system. The buses will be run between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. only. Beyond 7 p.m, it is becoming difficult for us to run the buses.”

The state transport department has decided to increase the number of buses to 15 in each of the 15 routes that have been operational since 13 May. Buses will be available at an interval of 30 minutes. Plans are also on the anvil to roll out bus services in other routes.

It was also learnt that 1000 online app cabs will be allowed to operate from next week. The taxi operators’ proposal of a 30 per cent hike in fare has also been disapproved and the unions have been asked to ply according to the meter only. A decision on the plying of autos and their proposal of doubling the current fares is yet to be taken.

The taxi operators have agreed to resume operations from next week. The private bus operators in the city are unwilling to to ply at the existing fare structure. Notably, the state transport department that been running buses on 13 routes since last Wednesday, has increased the number of vehicles on some of its routes.

The buses have been added in eight operational routes, including C8, C37, C26, S5, S9, S9A, S12 and S24. More buses are to be added in all the routes from tomorrow, sources in the state transport department said. The taxi operators on Thursday had proposed a 30 per cent hike in the fare. Similarly, the auto unions had also demanded a two-fold hike in fares, some of them even asking for a three-fold increase.