The salary of the lowest grade SubInspector is Rs 125 per mensem and the salary of the highest grade constable is Rs 16 per mensem, while the three grades of Writer Head Constable and Head Constables are Rs 18-8, Rs 21 and Rs 26 respectively per mensem. The Writer Constable does the clerical work in the police station, while the Head Constable assists in investigation work. Since the reforms introduced in the police force, after the Police Commission, the salary of all grades were substantially increased, and only quite recently, the pay of the European Sergeants of the Reserve Force was raised by Rs 25 with a maximum of Rs 175 per mensem, but the Head Constables instead of being increased were reduced from the maximum of Rs 50 per mensem under the old regime to a maximum of Rs 26 under the new scale.


On Friday an up-countryman named Ajwar Singh was arrested by the Hare Street Police on a charge of cheating and was being escorted to the thana when he escaped. On Sunday afternoon a head constable of the Hare Street thana, assisted by two plain-clothes constables, arrested the man for the second time at the head of Nebutollah Lane in front of the Muchiparah thana, but before the prisoner could be properly secured he bit the hand of the head constable and escaped again. He ran into St. James’ Square where he was pursued and overtaken by the constables. He was then taken to the Muchipara thana where he was handcuffed, and was being removed to the lock-up when he pushed over one of his escort and escaped for the third time with the handcuffs on. He had not been traced up to last night.



At a meeting of the working Committee of the First Oriental Conference held last evening at the Bhanderkar Oriental Research Institute, a reception committee was formed, with Mr. V.P. Vaidya as chairman. About 100 scholars have promised to read papers so far, and a large gathering is expected. The United Provinces, Bombay and Mysore Governments are contributing Rs 2,000, Rs 1,500, and Rs 1,000, respectively, besides allowing travelling allowances to scholars wishing to attend the conference. Other States and Provincial Governments have been approached. The museums in Mysore, Bhopal, Baroda, Rajkot and Lucknow will be sending up exhibits. Boarding and lodging will be provided free of charge to outside scholars.