The Paradip Oil Refinery (POR) authorities have committed to the state pollution control board that they will submit an action plan by 16 August to check pollution. The authorities had received a notice from the board on complaints relating to foul smell emanating from the plant. 

People living in the vicinity had complained that effluents and emissions from the refinery unit resulted in intolerable stink in the entire area for most part of the day. On 11 August, the Paradip citizen forum had conducted signature campaign to mobilise public opinion against pollution by several industries in the area.

The Forum had also sought the intervention of administration and OSPCB to check environmental pollution. OSPCB,after getting allegations, served notice to the authority of Paradip refinery, IOCL for frequent emission of gas from plant site affecting suffocation, eye irritation and respiratory problems. The board asked the authority to give clarification regarding measures being taken to check odour in these areas. A team of IOCL officials appeared before the Board yesterday and confessed about emission of sulphide gas from plant site because many downstream systems are still commissioning in refinery site.

It will take another six months for completion of commissioning of all systems by the end of January 2017 so they have sought the cooperation to cope with these problems. They have also expressed that the commissioning of sulphur recovery units are going on resulting in bad odour. 

IOCL said it has been prepared action plan to control this odour within six months and has adopted various measures for control of gaseous emissions from plant site. The regional officer, OSPCB Mr Prasant Kumar Kar said the refinery authorities have been asked to create awareness amongst local people in this regard and tell them not to panic as the gas is not harmful.