LG is known to be innovators so it wasn’t a complete surprise when they launched their latest flagship phone which has an extremely interesting feature : Modular Units

What exactly are Modular Units?

They are physical components which get added to your phone to enhance your experience.

LG is launching two modules initially.

One can remove and add as they wish, depending upon the users need.

The first one is to enhance photography, while also increasing battery life, called the LG Cam Plus  which adds physical camera controls and makes it easier to take pictures one-handedly.

The second module is aimed at audio lovers, with Bang & Olufsen partnering up with LG for the LG HI-FI Plus. The added module looks very sleek, like a natural extension of the phone itself.

LG has confirmed that they will open up its hardware to anyone who wishes to create a module for the G5, so more modules can be expected in the near future.

The innovative features do not stop at the modules however, with a dual-back camera also a big plus for the phone.

The second camera is a 135 degree wide-angle, for those wanting to take nature shots.

The 2800 mAH baterry can be changed at any time, for a different one.
There are a few devices that are designed to accompany the G5 as well as LG ensures no punches are pulled.

There is a 360 VR headset,  which connects to the G5 via a cable and simulates a 130-inch TV two metres away.

An LG 360 CAM , a 360-degree angle camera which also connects to the G5 allows users to create 360-degree content. It will support 2K video as well.
The LG Rolling Bot rolls like a ball, while capturing images and videos with its 8MP camera.

It is meant as a monitoring system for homes, pets and will work as a remote controller for compatible home appliances.

LG Smart Controller lets you control some drones and one can even check the video feed in real time.

The regular features are what you expect from an high end phone, not disappointing in any way. 

It has an 5.3 inch Quad HD IPS Quantum display , running the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip along with 4GB of RAM.

LG has also introduced USB Type-C for fast charging.

B&O have developed their earphones, typically high-end, theH3 for the G5 specifically.

It isRunning the latest Android OS Marshmallow, with internal storage of 32GB and an option of expanding upto 2TB via microSD.

The G5 is available in four colors : silver, titan, gold and pink.

LG are yet to announce the price or release date for India as of now.