Oops, the blazing sun! Chill and relax. How about some summery cool refreshing drinks that are healthy? Perfect to quench your thirst, here are 10 healthy traditional Indian beverages that are easy to make and unique in taste and flavour. They are also popular for their many health benefits.

Pan gulkand drink: This drink is made of sweet preserve of rose petals and pan leaves. It is an ayurvedic summer drink. Good for skin, constipation, gastritis, indigestion, dysmenorrhea, acne, foul body odour, palpitation, nose bleeding, it fights sun stroke. Mukta pishti can be added to it to boost its action in hot season.

Tarbuj juice: Water melon juice flavoured with mint, lemon juice and black salt is great for summer months. It is naturally sweet and delicious – perfect for a hot day.

Khus sherbet: The poppy seed green colour drink is a cool, sweet, refreshing and soothing drink. Prepared from the root extracts of khus plant, it cures burning sensation, excessive thirst, fever, redness and burning of eyes due to heat.

Jaljeera: Packed with flavours and nutrition, it is a famous Indian summer drink. It helps to cool the body, reduces excess of heat produced in the body and prevents dehydration. Good for digestion and weight loss, it is rich in iron. The mint leaves, lemon juice and black salt help fight and treat nausea and giddiness.

Bel juice: It is the pulp of bel fruit that is made into juice by adding water and processing in food processor. It is healthy and cool for body during summer season. Being naturally sweet in taste, you can easily avoid adding extra sugar. Black salt and roasted cumin powder give a good flavour to the juice.

Sattu drink: It is a very healthy summer drink made with roasted black chick peas and roasted gram flour. You can either add sugar or salt to this drink according to your taste and body requirement.

Thandai: This cool milk drink is the royal traditional drink of India. Popular mostly in northern parts of the country, it is made by adding dry fruits, seeds, saffron threads, sugar, few spices and herbs to the milk.

Buttermilk – Commonly known as chaas, it is the favourite summer drink. Made with yogurt, it is flavoured with black salt, roasted cumin powder, mint leaves and black pepper powder. Sometimes it is tempered with oil adding few herbs, spices and curry leaves.

Aam panna – Made with raw mangoes, it helps in preventing heat strokes. It is rich in iron and vitamin C. It keeps the body cool and energetic during summer.

Indian lemonade: The cheapest Indian drink of summer is also known as nimboo pani or shikanji. You can add flavours to it by adding mint juice, black salt and roasted cumin powder. It is sweet in taste and quite refreshing.

Have them chilled. These are the unforgettable drinks that are cool and refreshing treat for summer time fun with health. Not only delicious, they help boost immunity and energy level in hot weather. They are perfect for coming four months.