statesman news service 
BONGAON, BARASAT, 19 JUNE: Chief minister Mamata Banerjee today launched a fresh tirade against a section of the media accusing it of conspiring with the CPI-M, Congress, BJP, Maoists and some Central agencies against her government by dishing out “untruths” and charged that a reporter of a media house even became party to a plot to kill her when she visited the family of the college girl gangraped and murdered at Barasat on Monday.
Warning the reporter not to stray from his professional duty, she said she had no idea about the plot till her Intelligence officers told her that the reporter had told the protesters at the village of the girl to mob her in a way that for some time she became isolated from her security guards. “At that point of time, I was told, anything could have happened to me, since Maoists had sneaked into the area and the CPI-M is in league with them. We have evidence of the reporter&’s involvement in mobilising the villagers. I would advise the reporter to do his duty and write against me if he has anything to substantiate his criticism. I won’t mind,” the chief minister said.
Miss Banerjee also said that her visit to the girl’s house at Barasat revealed that the Maoists have sneaked into the area and the police were not aware of it. Threatening the Maoists with dire consequences, she said that before committing any misdeed with the help of the CPI-M, Congress and the BJP, they should remember that many of their leaders live in Kolkata and the people would make them account for their wrong-doing. 
Kicking off the Trinamul Congress’ panchayat poll campaign at Chandpara in the Bongaon Lok Sabha constituency, Miss Banerjee said a slander campaign was being orchestrated against her by the CPI(M)-Congress-BJP combine aided and abetted by a section of the media, including two CPI-M-controlled TV channels.
“This is because the CPI-M, which ruined the state during its 34-year-long rule, has become so impatient to return to power. The CPI-M and the Congress calculated that we would be defeated in the recent Howrah Lok Sabha bypoll and then they would showcase the defeat in the rural poll beginning on 2 July to ensure that we are routed in the panchayat election. But, when their calculation misfired, they tried to project our victory by a reduced margin as an indication of our diminishing popularity,” Miss Banerjee said.