Twitter tests new features: ‘Presence’ and ‘threading’

(Photo: Getty Images)

Twitter users may soon be able to see who among their followers are online. The micro-blogging platform plans to roll out “presence” and another new feature — threaded conversations on the lines of Facebook.

In a tweet, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said on Friday these updates would get live soon.

“Playing with some new Twitter features: presence (who else is on Twitter right now?) and threading (easier to read convos),” Dorsey tweeted, along with some samples.


Twitter says the “presence” feature will make it easier for users to engage with followers online at a given time. On the other hand, “threading” will allow users to follow a particular conversation in a single thread.

Prior to Dorsey’s post, Twitter’s product head Sarah Haider tweeted: “Hey Twitter. We’ve been playing with some rough features to make it feel more conversational here. Presence and reply threading. Still early and iterating on these ideas. Thoughts?”

Sarah’s tweet generated a lot of queries with many opining everybody may not be comfortable with the ‘online indicator’ feature.

Replying to a user, Sarah said Twitter “would definitely want you to have control over showing online status”.