Kejriwal launches scheme for home delivery of 40 services

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

The residents of Delhi will now get 40 government services, including driving licence and marriage registration certificate, at their homes, with Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday launching his government’s ambitious scheme for doorstep delivery of public services ~ a new governance paradigm which Kejriwal said heralded a “revolutionary change in governance”.

Speaking on the occasion, Kejriwal said 30 more services will be included in this scheme soon and that the number of such home delivered services will rise to 100 in two-three months.

Projecting this significant administrative reform, Kejriwal said the AAP government would create a model through home delivery of public services for the entire country and the world.

The CM launched the scheme at a function in the presence of Cabinet ministers and senior officials, which was telecast at 58 government locations. Two-way video conferencing was also organised at 8 government locations with people being present at various offices to get their certificates made.

Addressing the function, Kejriwal said, “I greet the people of Delhi on this historic day when the government machinery is undergoing a revolutionary change. This day is not historic merely for Delhi, I feel we are doing a unique experiment which will be followed at the international level.”

The CM said, “Till now we had heard about the home delivery of pizza; from today people of Delhi will have the government at their doorsteps through a phone call”.

Kejriwal highlighted that “Today we are making a beginning with doorstep delivery of 40 services, the Delhi government will add 30 more services soon and subsequently it will provide 100 services on the doorsteps of citizens within next three months”.

People seeking these home-delivered government services are required to first call on the number 1076. The call centre will then inform the applicant about the services available.

The applicant will be told about the documents required for a particular certificate to be made and he/she can fix an appointment anytime between 8 am to 10 pm.

A “mobile sahayak” will visit the applicant’s home on the time fixed for appointment. Mobile sahayaks will be police verified and will not have any details of the applicant other than the postal address.

The mobile sahayak will scan the documents concerned in the presence of the applicant and will provide an e-receipt of the fees paid for the service (Rs 50). Once the application is completed, the fees will be electronically transferred to the government office concerned.

At every stage the applicant will get an SMS ~ from the time the request was made to the delivery of the certificate. The delivery of the certificate concerned will be ensured within the stipulated time-frame either by post or by the mobile sahayak.

Every movement of the mobile sahayak will be tracked by the back-end control room. After the successful delivery of the certificate, the applicant will get a feedback call to share his/her experience. The service provider company in the scheme is VFS Global.