Shortage of power is a big challenge that the world is facing these days, and the methods adopted to tackle this are often hazardous to environment. Some countries are still relying on fossil fuels and thermal power which have an adverse impact on the environment.

Deforestation rate is alarmingly high and is depriving the wildlife of its natural habitat. On the other side are however some countries that have excelled in terms of going green and innovating technology that can fulfill human needs while ensuring no harm to environment.

On World Environment Day today (5 June), let’s take a look at the few innovations a few countries have made to ensure a sustainable environment.

1) Italy’s vertical forests

Vertical forests are a modern generation project for metropolitan reforestation for a sustainable environment. It primarily focuses on the vertical densification of nature within a city.The vegetal system of the vertical forest contributes to the construction of a micro climate, produces humidity, absorbs CO2 and dust particles and produces oxygen.

2) China’s wind energy

China is the leading country in wind power generation in the world. It has set high targets for 2020 power generation, and the Global Wind Energy Council has optimistic expectations that China will generate power up to 217 gigawatts.

3) Brazil’s clean fuel:

Brazil has managed to find and implement a cleaner and greener fuel. The best of ethanol can produce 80% to 90% less carbon than petrol, making it a masterstroke by Brazil that has managed to reduce harmful emissions by transports.


4) Solar power by China:

In 2015, China was the largest producer and buyer of photovoltaic or solar panels. China is currently the largest producer of solar power electricity.

5) Chicago’s water revolution:

The water filtration plant with largest capacity in the world is Jardine Water Purification Plant, formerly the Central District Filtration Plant. It sends up to 1 billion gallons of water per day.