‘Al Qaida member’ arrested in Karachi
Karachi, 26 Oct: Pakistani police have claimed they have arrested a senior member of Al Qaida on suspicion of involvement in an attack on an ISI office in Sindh province. Police had arrested Adil Azeem Sheikh and found a Kalashnikov and two grenades in his possession, SSP Munir Ahmed Sheikh said yesterday. pti
Greenpeace activist hangs off Eiffel 
Paris, 26 Oct: A Greenpeace activist today staged a two-hour protest in a tent suspended from the second floor of the Eiffel Tower against Russia’s detention of 30 members of the environmental lobby group. afp
Left eyes victory in snap Czech vote
Prague, 26 Oct: Czechs voted today in the final day of a snap election, called in the wake of a spy and bribery scandal, that is expected to be won by the left-wing Opposition. afp
Saudi women ‘drive-in’ falters
Riyadh, 26 Oct: Saudi women scrapped a “drive-in” today and opted for an open-ended campaign after the authorities vowed to punish whoever gets behind the wheel in defiance of a ban. Activists had taken to social media to call on women across the kingdom to drive their cars to challenge Saudi law. afp