World Briefs

World&’s oldest man dies aged 116
TOKYO, 12 JUNE: The world’s oldest person and the oldest man ever to have lived has died of natural causes aged 116, officials in Japan said today. Jiroemon Kimura, who was born in 1897, died in hospital early today morning “from old age”, an official in Kyoto’s Kyotango city said in a statement. Kimura, who was from Kyotango, was hospitalised in early May suffering from pneumonia. A few days ago doctors noted that his condition was worsening. Kimura was recognised by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest living person in December 2012, after a woman from the USA died at the age of 115. pti
Anti-G8 protests: Scotland Yard on alert
London, 12 June: A day after 57 anti-G8 protesters were arrested, Scotland Yard officers were put on standby to respond to protests here ahead of the summit of the world’s eight wealthiest countries in Northern Ireland next week. The StopG8 group has declared a week of action or “Carnival Against Capitalism” before the summit of world leaders. pti
China building collapse toll rises to 11
BEIJING, 12 JUNE: The toll in a building collapse in eastern China after an explosion caused by a gas leak today rose to 11, officials said. Twenty people were buried after the three-storey building collapsed in Suzhou City in Jiangsu Province following an explosion in the staff canteen on the first floor yesterday. “Eleven of them died in hospital,” state-run Xinhua news agency said today. The remaining nine are still receiving treatment in two local hospitals, it said. pti
Austrian UN troops begin pullout from Golan Heights
Quneitra Crossing (Golan Heights), 12 June: Austrian troops in the UN monitoring force on the Golan Heights began withdrawing today, days after Vienna decided to quit the mission over security concerns. A group of 20 soldiers entered the Israeli side of the strategic plateau through the Quneitra Crossing, the only direct passage between Israel and Syria, a photographer said. About 50 other soldiers of the 378-strong Austrian contingent were to be withdrawn during the day, sources on the ground said. afp