Pak operations: 104 militants, including foreign fighters, and eight soldiers were killed during a 22-day operation conducted to flush out the Taliban from Pakistan’s Khyber tribal region, an army officer said.  PTI
Solomon&’s mines: The copper mines in Israel thought to have been built by ancient Egyptians in 13th century BC actually originated three centuries later, during the reign of King Solomon, according to a study.     PTI
Obsessed with aliens?: R&B star Rihanna (25) has employed an
unidentified flying object (UFO) watcher for 24-hour updates on extraterrestrial activity, according to a report.     PTI
Flying courier!: Chinese citizens may soon receive their delivery parcels via drones. A Chinese delivery company is developing air drones that could bring packages across long distances and reach remote areas. PTI
Transformers 4 title: The official title of the fourth installment of the hit ‘Transformers’ franchise is Transformers: Age of Extinction. The title was unveiled by Paramount pictures alongside a sand-covered poster. PTI
New bat species: Scientists have discovered five new species of bats in West Africa. An international team of scientists have discovered a wealth of unexpected diversity among Vesper bats in Senegal.     PTI
Emmy presenters: Michael Douglas and Matt Damon have been drafted as presenters at the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards. The actors are the first presenters announced for the event, reported Ace Showbiz.     PTI
Rising CO2 levels: The carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere have increased by about 0.5 per cent
every year during the last decade, satellite observations of
greenhouse gases have found.     PTI
Dead snake: Marcus Forson, from Houston, thought his wife was playing a practical joke on him when he found a dead snake in a pack of beer he purchased. It had died after apparently slinking inside the box. PTI