Baghdad blasts: Iraqi authorities said two morning bomb attacks on the outskirts of Baghdad have killed six, as the death toll from a wave of car bombings in the capital the night before jumped to 57. afp
Russia copter crash: Three people, including two British tourists were killed in Russia’s far north on Sunday when a helicopter made an unscheduled emergency landing, officials said. A probe had been opened into the accident.    AFP
Bottoms up?: A beer drinking competition in Spain had a tragic finale when its winner, Joaquin Alcaraz Gracia, a 45-year-old man,  began to vomit and died soon after downing 6 litres of booze in 20 minutes.     PTI
Self-immolation: A Tibetan monk, Kunchok Sonam, 18, died after setting himself on fire in south-west China, Radio Free Asia said in a report on Sunday, in the first such protest for more than a month.     Pti
Egypt accident: A road accident killed 17 soldiers and injured more than 30 others in Egypt’s Nile Delta province of Beheira on Sunday when a bus collided with a lorry on a highway, a security source said.    afp
China mishap: One tourist was killed and 18 others were injured by falling rocks on Sunday in north-west China. Falling stones that may have been loosened by recent downpours crushed a rim skywalk and fell on the heads of several people.     pti
Pak Punjab governor: The ruling PML-N leadership led by Nawaz Sharif has decided to appoint a former British lawmaker of Pakistani-origin, Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar,  as the new governor of Pakistan’s most populous province of Punjab, a Senator said.     pti
Actor bankcrupt: British Indian actor Paul Bhattacharjee, whose body was found at the bottom of a cliff in south-east England last week, had been declared bankrupt by a UK court here a week before the suspected suicide     pti
South Pole of Moon: A private group in the USA has announced its intention to launch a mission to the South Pole of the Moon to install a permanent telescope on the lunar surface, to aid professional and amateur researchers.     pti
Misery molecule: Scientists have found the brain’s most miserable molecule – a protein involved in all our feelings of stress, anxiety and depression – paving way for development of new drugs to control it. pti
The magic of lights: Bright lights make people more honest, altruistic and ethical, and less selfish, a new study has claimed. Researchers conducted various experiments and found that people in a brightly lit room donated more than twice as much as those in a dim room, and were more likely to offer to help others.     pti
Trees’ body clock: Some trees have internal clocks that coordinate the activities of their cells with the cycles of day and night, just like the ‘body clock’ in humans, a new study claims. Leaves are known to possess circadian rhythms, but the study is the first to demonstrate them in whole trees.     pti