Chinese farmer jailed for making fake alien
BEIJING, 14 JUNE: A Chinese farmer who claimed to have an alien in his freezer, has been jailed for ‘disrupting social order’ by creating an Internet frenzy. Li Kai, from Binzhou in eastern Chinese province of Shangdong, said he spotted five aliens, after following UFOs along China’s Yellow River, The Telegraph reported. He claimed to have captured an ‘electrocuted’ Martian, caught in a rabbit trap after its UFO crash-landed by the river. pti
Cars torched in likely attack by Jewish extremists
JERUSALEM, 14 JUNE: Israeli police say vandals have torched two vehicles in an Arab neighbourhood of Jerusalem in what appears to be an attack by Jewish extremists. Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, said: "The words “price tag” were found sprayed on a wall near the cars in Sheikh Jarrah today. The phrase is usually used by Jewish extremists to protest what they perceive as the Israeli government’s pro-Palestinian policies, and to let Palestinians know who attacked them. ap
346 students hospitalised in China
BEIJING, 14 JUNE: As many as 346 students, including 45 in serious condition, have been hospitalised in southwest China, local officials said today. The publicity department of the Dongpo District of the city of Meishan said the students, who were hospitalised last evening, were from the Yingtian Middle School in Sichuan Province. So far, 216 students are being treated at a local hospital, including 45 who are seriously ill, state-run Xinhua news agency reported, without providing details of the illness. Other 130 students are under observation, the report said. pti