Work on laying of pipelines to draw water for the city’s Modipara Water Treatment Plant from Hirakud Dam Reservoir (HDR) is going on in full swing. It is likely to be completed in a year.

The Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) is executing the work, involving an estimated cost of Rs 7.31 crore, said officials.

The work has already begun. A target has been set to complete the work within one year, Assistant Engineer of the PHED, Jadab Chandra Dehury informed.

Dehury said that pipelines of 4.46 km would be laid from Bareipali to Modipara under this project.

The water treatment plant, located at Bareipali, draws water from Hirakud Dam Reservoir directly. The PHED will draw additional water, and supply it to the Modipara water treatment plant through the new pipelines, which will be laid from Bareipali to Modipara.

Currently, the Modipara Water Treatment Plant draws water from near the Balibandha ghat of River Mahanadi, which flows along the city and supplies water to the old Sambalpur area after treatment.

However, the decision to draw water directly from the reservoir at Hirakud for the Modipara plant was taken in the backdrop of jaundice outbreak in the city. The plant caters to the old town area. However, these old area of the city were the worst affected due to jaundice.

The treatment plant at Modipara will stop drawing water from the Balibandha ghat after work on laying of pipeline is completed.

Apart from laying of pipelines, some renovation work of Modipara Water Treatment Plant will also be carried out under this project. The treatment plant had a capacity to treat 11.25 MLD when it was set up. However, the treatment capacity has been decreased to 4 to 5 MLD.

The treatment plant will be renovated and the original treatment capacity of the plant will be regained, added Dehury.