Press Trust of India
Washington, 15 November
The USA has disputed a recent report by a prominent human rights group that by using drones it has acted contrary to international law.
The USA “takes extraordinary care” to make sure that its counter terrorism actions are in accordance with all applicable domestic and international law, and that they are consistent with US values and policy, State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki told reporters.
The State Department, she said, has completed the review of the recently released report of London-based Amnesty International on use of drones in Pakistan, which according to it was in violation of international law.
The State Department also disputed the figures of civilian casualties by the Amnesty report, which Ms Psaki said was on a very higher side.
“To the extent that these reports claim that the USA has acted contrary to international law, we would strongly disagree. We have repeatedly emphasised the extraordinary care we take to make sure counter terrorism actions are in accordance with all applicable law,” Ms Psaki said.
“When there are indications that civilian deaths may have occurred, Intelligence analysts draw on a large body of information, including human intelligence, signals intelligence, media reports, and surveillance footage to help us make informed determinations about whether civilians were, in fact, killed or injured,” she said.
“Substantial information concerning US counter terrorism strikes is collected, obviously, through a variety of methods,” she added.