The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) on Thursday confirmed the death of two pilots in a crash, hours after its fighter jet lost contact with the base.

In a statement, the RMAF said the Hawk 108 plane had taken off from the Kuantan air force base at 11 a.m., and lost contact half an hour later, reports The Star daily.

The remains of Hasri Zahari, 31, and Yazmin Mohamed, 39, were found with their parachutes in a marshy region in Cukai, in Terengganu state, according to Bernama agency.

An investigation has been instituted to determine the cause of the accident. 

The Hawk 108 is an export version of the Hawk 100, a two-seat advanced weapons trainer with additional avionics, optional forward-looking infrared, a redesigned wing and hands-on throttle-and-stick.

The aircraft is fitted with a Sky Guardian Radar warning receiver and wingtip air-to-air missile rails.