Internet has found another optical illusion to amuse itself. Who can forget the ‘dress’ which got the netizens hooked over its colour? While some debated that the colour of the dress was white and golden, some saw the dress in Blue and Black colours. Then, came the flip-flops with the similar optical illusion about colours.

The latest optical illusion which Internet has found is not diving the Twitter, but it is uniting the Internet in every way. A model named Marisol decided to up her fashion game and combined the horizontal and vertical stripes by donning a horizontal stripes sweatshirt and a vertical stripes track pants. She, surely, missed the illusion while posting the pictures and nothing goes unnoticed on Internet.

The Twitter went all berserk wondering about how skinny the model’s legs really. To break the illusion, let us tell you that there is only one leg shown in the pictures and it is because of the vertical stripe on the track pant which creates the illusion of two legs.

Here is the picture and the reactions on Twitter: