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Asylum-seekers die: Four asylum-seekers died after a people-smuggling ship carrying around 150 passengers capsized off Australia’s remote Christmas Island on Tuesday, triggering a major rescue operation.         AFP
Bahrain arrests 3: Bahraini authorities on Tuesday arrested three “terrorists” who allegedly hurled firebombs at the home of a Shi’ite lawmaker without causing casualties, police said in Dubai.     AFP
Boston bomber: Alleged Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is seeking to beef up his legal team by hiring an additional attorney who specialises in death penalty and terrorism cases, it has emerged on Tuesday.               AFP
Drug  leader: Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, the notoriously brutal leader of the feared Zetas drug cartel, has been held in the first major blow against an organised crime leader by a Mexican administration.       AP
Antarctica quake : A powerful 7.3-magnitude earthquake,with an epicentre 10 km deep, struck off the
coast of Antarctica on Tuesday generating large waves but there were no reports of damage or injuries.    AFP
Russian wargames: Russia on Tuesday launched its biggest military maneuvers  to boost the army’s mobility, involving 1,60,000 troops and about 5,000 tanks which was watched by President Vladimir Putin.     AP
Royal Beckham?: Soccer star David Beckham thinks the royal baby should be named after him and is certain the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will make amazing parents to their little one.     pti
McDonald in Vietnam: McDonald&’s will open its first burger restaurant in Vietnam after awarding the franchise to the son-in-law of the nation&’s prime minister.     AP
Marriage markets: China&’s public parks are turning into marriage markets where parents of “left over women” gather during weekends to find suitable grooms for their ageing daughters.     PTI
Self-driven cars soon: The first ever trial of self-driving cars on Britain’s busy roads will take place later this year. The cars will be driving themselves, a back up driver will be seated inside as a safety measure.     afp
Neptune moon: Scientists have discovered a new moon,
estimated to be no more than 12 miles across, orbiting planet Neptune using the Hubble Space Telescope, said US space agency, Nasa.      PTI