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Bull-running ends: Spain’s famous Pamplona bull-running fiesta wrapped up on Sunday with another five seriously injured after nine days that landed a total of 50 daredevils in hospital.     AFP
Texas abortion Bill: Republicans in the Texas Legislature passed an omnibus abortion Bill that is one of the most restrictive in the USA, but Democrats have vowed to fight in the courts and at the ballot box.     PTI
Israel targeted Syria: US officials say Israel targeted advanced anti-ship cruise missiles near Syria’s principal port city in an air attack carried out earlier this month, The New York Times reported.     AP
Journalists alive: France says that two French journalists who were kidnapped in Syria last month are alive, but that one of six French hostages in Mali is likely dead as the Al-Qaida-linked captors have said.   AP
Park on the Moon: Lawmakers are pushing a plan to establish a national park on the Moon. A new Bill introduced in the US Congress would create the Apollo Lunar Landing Sites National Historical Park on the Moon.  AFP
Moscow crash: Russian investigators on Sunday interrogated the hospitalised driver of a truck that ploughed into a packed passenger bus outside Moscow killing 18 people and injuring dozens. AFP