A clash between two communities at Rajgangpur on Saturday created tension in the entire area as mobs took to the streets, gheraoed the local police station prompting the police to deploy fiveplatoon of armed forces to avert escalation of the violence. Nine persons from both groups were arrested in connection with the violence.

Two youths assaulted a person of a particular community and beat him up. Following this tension mounted near the Station Chowk and Bagichapara areas of the Cement City. A mob, numbering nearly 80, soon gathered and started shouting slogans and marched towards the Rajgangpur police station.

On way the mob manhandled few persons of another community and then gheraoed the police station. Soon, senior police officialsstarted discussing with themoband took stock of the situation. Following this tension mounted in Rajgangpur. Sensing trouble, soon five platoons of armed police were deployed at several sensitive places to control any untoward situation.

Soon senior members of the community were called and• finally the mob dispersed from the scene. Police sources said the situation is under control.