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Talcher power station faces shortage of coal


The 467 MW Talcher Thermal power station which is completely dedicated to Odisha is facing coal shortage since one month due to low supplies from the Jaganath coalmine. 

The linked coalmine is now facing a crisis due to non-availability of about 10 hectare of forest land. The central government had cleared the proposal but the forest area is yet to be handed over. Several high level meetings including a few chaired by state chief secretary and union coal secretary failed to expedite matters. According to a TTPS official, since one month it has been drawing about 6000 tonne of coal per day instead of the required 10000 tonne to operate its six units in full steam. 

The coal stock which is to remain at least 10 lakh has plummeted to 1.3 lakh tonne as on date .If the situation does not improve soon, the power station may plunge in to a critical stage. TTPS is the only NTPC run power plant which gives all the power generated to Odisha. 

The TTPS normally gets about 6000 tonne of coal by its conveyer belt linked to Jaganath coalmine and draws one rake of about 3500 tonne of coal from other coalmines per day . Currently, it is getting only 3000 tone by way of the conveyer and hardly one rake in two days. 

This has created the deficit.“However till now power generation on the plant has not been affected as it meets the shortfall from the stock.But below certain point it cannot take from the stock and has to regulate the generation, said the official. An official says that the coal mine&’s daily production has come down from 50000 tone to 5000 tonne per day.