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Swedish court clears man of fraud because he was in love

SNS | New Delhi |

Yes, you read that right. Undoubtedly, love can conquer all. Recently, a man was reportedly cleared of the fraud charges just because he was found to be in love.

A Swedish court, Helsingborg District Court cleared the lovestruck man of all charges of fraud and attempted gross fraud because he wanted to impress a new lover.

The man was set free as the judge observed that he acted in a “naive and gullible way” after listening to his love story.

“That [he] started a relationship with a significantly younger woman and decided to live together without having met in real life is not something unique to him,” the court said adding that, “[He] was very much in love and excited that he and the woman would finally be together. In such a situation it is easy to act in a naïve and gullible way.”

Here is what happened

The middle-age man met a girl online and fell in love with her. It is believed that the girl is in her 20s. After falling head over heel in love with the girl, the man wanted to take the relationship to the next level.

Reportedly, the duo began to plan their marriage but the girl told the man that she has fallen sick and her father died.

If the reports from the local Swedish media are to be believed, the woman, then, told the man that her inheritance was in the form of traveller’s cheques. She said she was unable to cash the cheques because she was in hospital.

In a bid to help his lover, the man agreed to get the cheques cashed at a bank in Helsingborg.

When the man tried to cash eight more cheques at another bank the next day, the staff got suspicious and police was immediately informed.

The police found out that the cheques were forged following which the man in question was charged with fraud and attempted gross fraud.