Agence France-Presse
5 December
Sweden has provided the USA with “unique” intelligence on Russia’s leadership, according to new documents leaked by US fugitive Edward Snowden and revealed today by Swedish public broadcaster SVT.
The documents indicate that the US National Security Agency (NSA) sees Sweden’s signals intelligence agency, FRA, as a “leading partner” in the surveillance of telecom and Internet traffic, particularly from Russia. “The FRA provided NSA…unique collection on high-priority Russian targets, such as leadership, internal politics,” according to a document dated 18 April 2013 and obtained by SVT from the American journalist Glenn Greenwald who has published details of numerous NSA files leaked by Mr Snowden. Another document underlined Sweden’s notable access to Russia’s communication network thanks to cables passing through Swedish territory.
NSA tracks billions of cellphones daily: The NSA tracks the locations of nearly 5 billion cellphones every day overseas, including those belonging to Americans abroad, The Washington Post reported.