Amidst walkout by opposition Congress and BJP members over the demand for a discussion on farmers’ suicide, Odisha government on Tuesday presented a supplementary budget of Rs.10,277.65 crore for 2015-16 in the Assembly.

The total size of the budget increased to Rs. 94,715.42 crore with the supplementary budget amount of Rs. 10,277.65 crore, Finance Minister Pradip Kumar Amat said.

While Rs 8,305.39 crore is earmarked under state plan head, Rs 1,910.50 crore is placed under non-plan category.

Similarly, Rs 10.45 crore is proposed to be under central plan and Rs 1.31 crore under the centrally sponsored plan.

"Keeping in view the availability of resources and increased needs and expectations of people, the supplementary budget is aimed at fulfilling the requirement funds for public welfare and development activities in the state", Amat said.

He said additional requirement is needed to meet expenses relating to the drought situation. Funds are also needed to continue centrally sponsored schemes (CSS) delinked from central assistance and state specific and sector specific schemes recommended by 13th Finance Commission but discontinued by the following commission.

Besides, the state has to spend more CSS due to change in the sharing pattern, the finance minister said.

On financing the supplementary budget, he said, "Rs 10,277.65 crore to be financed by tied up resources to the extent of Rs 3,246.44 crore, untied resources to the extent of Rs 1,149.05 crore and Rs 2,671.81 crore from overall savings and surrender towards the end of the financial year." 

He said an amount of Rs 1,105.19 crore is provided towards relief expenditure including compensation for the crop loss in drought affected areas. While Rs 505.19 crore will be given under SDRF, Rs 600 crore in anticipation of assistance from the NDRF, he pointed out.

Besides, Rs 42.75 crore is being given to distribute four lakh pulse kits, Rs 16.65 crore for distribution of one lakh oilseed minikits and Rs 9.23 crore for distribution of 5 lakh vegetable minikits among farmers under drought package.

However, no discussion was held on the supplementary budget due to walkout by the opposition members.

Before announcing walkout by Congress MLAs, Leader of Opposition Narasingha Mishra said they have no option but to keep away from the House as Speaker Niranjan Pujari did not allow a discussion on farmers’ suicide and drought situation.

BJP leader Rabi Naik also announced his party’s walkout over farmers’ suicide incidents.