People of Lower Suktel dam project affected areas on Monday took turns to participate in the “jala satyagraha’’ that was held in Suktel river near Khagsabahal village here.

The villager were protesting against administrative apathy and injustice in providing compensation and rehabilitation package as per old act even after that sieges to exist once the 2013 LA & RR act had come in to force. They were not opposed to the project as such, but were demanding adequate compensation and rehabilitation.

The protest led by members of the lower Suktel action committee (LSAC) was peaceful baring opposition at the initial stages by some members of the Budianchala Agragami Sangh which felt that the action committee was out to hijack their movement. Earlier in the day, hundreds of members of BAC took out a motorcycle rally in Bolangir town to draw support before moving to the spot. The distirct administration had deployed three platoon police force, a medical team and fire brigade as a precautionary measure.