Balasore, 11 November
 The workforce of Balasore Tyres at Channapur will embark on a one-day token strike on Tuesday to protest the alleged anti-labour policies of the plant management.
Well-known trade union leader and former MLA Mr Arun Dey said that the stir aims at exerting pressure on the company authorities to run the plant in its full capacity. Observing that the plant has not been running to the full capacity for nearly two years, Mr Dey pointed out that the practice of stopping production for two-three weeks a month on some pretext hamper the interest of the labourers.
“There will be a strike on Tuesday as a mark of protest. The plant is not running to the full capacity for last two years. While the plant management comes out with excuse, the workers stand to be the ultimate losers as they do not get to work sometimes up to 25 days a month,” said Mr Dey.
The plant management has downsized the work-days pleading that there is hardly any market intake as the sector was witnessing a slump. Mr Dey informed that apart from the company casual workers and contractors’ casual workers, the regular workers will participate in the strike. “What started as two-three days’ stopping of production has now touched about 25 days a month. While the regular employees including officers and supervisors are getting salary and their interest is not hampered, the labourers are facing untold miseries by the company policy,” he charged.
Accusing the company of resorting to anti-labour practices, he said that the company&’s decision for wage enhancement does carry little meaning as the workers are sitting idle for more than three weeks a month.
Mr Dey wondered why the company is not enforcing layoff as per government guidelines instead of halting production for several weeks in a month.