Children from 30 slums in Berhampur practiced writing skills to ‘make their voices heard’,specifically on issues relating to their living conditions. Summer vacations allowed children and child clubs to engage in an innovative activity to report their feelings and expose what they saw in their neighborhood.

Children&’s opinions are hardly heard or published in public forums and they do not even get a chance to speak their feelings and what they think, observed the organizers of the event. Children and child clubs are in the process of learning and sharing their views and opinions through variety of activities like writing poems, essays, drawings, testimonies, pictures of their slums and funny things.

On Sunday the child club members demonstrated their potential expression skills by displaying their writings on public walls in 10 selected slums in Berhampur city. Community leaders, elected representatives and children inaugurated these pieces in their respective slums with a gathering of slum communities.

It is noted that Youth for Social Development (YSD) which organized the event is working with more than 2000 children in 30 slums in Berhampur since 2012. YSD has formed 27 child clubsand a city level children&’s federation.

The organisation has been working to ‘make Berhampur a child friendly smart city’ and to ensure that government provides basic services to children living in urban poverty and ensure children&’s participation in city planning, governance and development.