Slovakia police on Thursday arrested a man dressed as Santa Claus for stealing cash and gold jewellery from a 91-year-old woman.
Officers also detained two sidekicks in angel and devil costumes – the jolly man in the red suit’s sisters – over the theft, local police spokeswoman Maria Linkesova said.
Joined by the man’s three-year-old son, the trio pretended to be well-wishers after ringing the elderly woman’s doorbell in the western town of Skalica.
“The old lady gave them five euros for the good wishes. The man dressed as Santa Claus then asked for a cup of tea for the child,” said Linkesova.
While she was busy with that, the sister in the angel costume swiped jewellery and 45 euros from the house.
But before they could escape, a neighbour happened to drop by and called the police, sensing something was up.
Two of the thieves have prior convictions. The devil-outfitted crook has a clean record.