The ashrams which were the hub of activity of stalwarts of the freedom struggle like the Alaka Ashram, Taria Ashram and Bedhi Math where they used to meet , discuss strategies etc remain neglected and almost unnoticed. Alaka Ashram spread over 55 acres of land on the banks of the Alaka River used to be the center of activity during the freedom struggle. 

The then zamindars Durga Charan Mohapatra and Bansidhar Pattnaik documented these 55 acres of land in the name of the legendary Gopabandhu Chaudhry to set up Alaka Ashram in 1930. After getting the land, former chief minister Nabkrushna Chaudhry, Jatiya Kabi Birakishore Das, Gopabandhu Chaudhry, Rama Devi, Malati Chudhry, Sarala Devi, Prankrushna Padihari used to assembled there and chalk out agitational programmes against the British. During the freedom movement, a training centre was opened here to teach people on spinning the “charkha” and make khadi clothes.

 Thousands of local youth used to be inspired by the “Ashram” and its activities. Even Nehru had visited the Alaka Ashram in 1937. Other leading lights like Ashok Mehta, Jayaprakash Narayan had also been there. Today all of that has been consigned to history.