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Russian Sukhoi Su-33 skids into Mediterranean

IANS | Moscow |

A Russian Sukhoi Su-33 fighter jet skidded off the country’s sole aircraft carrier deployed in the Mediterranean after completing a combat mission in Syria but the pilot successfully ejected, the Russian Defence Ministry said on Monday.
“After a combat mission in Syria, the fighter jet rolled off the deck while landing on the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov,” the ministry said in a statement.
The pilot was immediately taken on board the aircraft carrier, Xinhua news agency reported. The accident was caused by a broken cable of the aircraft’s arresting gear, according to the statement.
It was the second accident involving Admiral Kuznetsov in a month, since the aircraft carrier arrived in the Mediterranean to provide support to Russia’s air campaign in Syria.
On November 15, a MiG-29 fighter jet crashed during a training mission as it approached the aircraft carrier for a landing.