Bhubaneswar, 16 July
 The office of the chief electoral officer (CEO) has kicked off an exercise to restructure the polling booths of the state following the guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India.
“As per the directive of the EC, there will be one polling booth for a maximum of 1200 voters in rural areas and 1400 voters in urban areas. It has also to be kept in mind that no voter will need to travel more than two kms to reach his or her polling booth,” said CEO Ms Mona Sharma. While chairing a meeting of registered political parties  today, she informed that not more than two polling booths can be set up at a particular place in rural areas, while a maximum of four booths can be set up at a place in urban localities. “The collectors will convene district level meeting of the registered parties and seek their views in the matter. The district offices will send the list of proposed polling booths to the office of the CEO by 22 July, which, in turn, will forward the same to the EC by 31 July for a final decision,” she said.
The office of the CEO had set up a total of 33,244 booths after restructuring the existing ones in 2012.
Ms Sharma informed the exercise to bring out a faultless and error-free voters’ list,  has been completed and the final voters’ list was published on 1 July.
“We have deleted names over 16.30 lakh voters who have died or have relocated or whose names had got repeated. Photographs were collected from nearly 8.20 lakh voters as the earlier list did not have their photos. Information related to more than 21.34 lakh voters were also corrected, while over 2.07 lakh new voters were included in the list,” she said.